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Custom-made Courses

I have many years' experience of developing and teaching English courses, both within tertiary education and for companies. Until 2003 I primarily worked for agencies, but have decided to also work for myself. This results in more value for money for the client as it cuts out the middleman.

I can tailor the course according to your wishes, whether you want it to be short and intensive or longer, so that you get a course that suits your company. I can also arrange residential courses in cooperation with Ajvin Sitje, Anariset, Jämtland.

Build up your linguistic self-confidence A typical course in Business English includes: telephoning, letter writing, meeting, inter-cultural communication, facts and figures and specific terminology.

General conversation is an integral part of the courses and grammar exercises are only those that are necessary, unless you wish otherwise. The focus is on creating fluency and building up your linguistic self-confidence.

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